European electric car travel made easier with roaming agreement

April 18, 2019

Travelling across Europe in an electric car has now been simplified following an agreement made between five major charging providers.

The Open Fast Charging Alliance will enable roaming between the following networks:

  • Fastned (The Netherlands)

  • Sodetrel (France)

  • Smatrics (Austria)

  • Grønn Kontakt (Norway)

  • GOtthard FASTcharge (Switzerland)

Fastened charging location in The Netherlands
Fastened charging location in The Netherlands

Together, the founding alliance members own and operate more than 500 fast chargers in 6 countries, providing 24/7 customer service. The alliance is open to other networks of the same quality.
The alliance aims to focus on bilateral roaming agreements between charge networks by implementing the Open Charging Point Interface or OCPI created by Dutch provider ELaand.

The OCPI is a information sharing standard which aims to enable roaming (bilaterally and otherwise) between charge point providers via a uniform method, currently mobile devices. Plus, provide real-time information about charge point locations, availability and the cost of charging.

OCPI brings many benefits to the EV driver and enables further growth of the electric vehicle market, removing some of the perceived barriers to switching, for example: where can charge and is the charge point working and available?

I for one hope this standard is adopted in the UK as part of proposed regulation discussed in Modern Transport Bill.

Sodetrel charge point being used by Plug in Adventures